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3-Aug-2019Borussia DortmundBayern MunichSignal Iduna ParkDFL Super Cup
4-Aug-2019Manchester CityLiverpoolWembleyCommunity Shield
4-Aug-2019SL BenficaSporting LisbonEstadio AlgarvePortuguese super cup
4-Aug-2019TottenhamInter MilanTottenham StadiumFriendly
10-Aug-2019West HamManchester CityLondon OlympicEPL
11-Aug-2019Manchester UnitedChelseaOld traffordEPL
14-Aug-2019LiverpoolChelseaVodafone Arena, IstanbulUEFA Super Cup
14-Sep-2019TottenhamCrystal PalaceTottenham StadiumEPL
21-Sep-2019ChelseaLiverpoolStamford BridgeEPL
28-Sep-2019Manchester UnitedArsenalOld traffordEPL
7-Dec-2019West HamArsenalLondon OlympicEPL
21-Dec-2019TottenhamChelseaTottenham StadiumEPL
4-Aug-2019FC BarcelonaArsenalCamp NouJoan Gamper Cup

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The English language is a wonderful and mercurial beast, flexible in the extreme and ever-changing. This may explain why it is spoken by more people on earth than any other language. But that doesn’t mean when it comes to football that it isn’t being heinously abused. Here are seven of the worst modern linguistic developments that need to be expunged from our lives. And yes, we are guilty of some…


1) ‘Bested’
An import from American sports. Quite what was wrong with the word ‘beat’, I don’t know. ‘Burnley bested Manchester City 1-0’ is more vague than using ‘beat’. You can ‘best’ a team, ie be the best side, and still lose. Beat is unequivocal. Burnley beat City 1- 0 tells the result perfectly. Don’t mess with it.


2) ‘The optics’
As in ‘what are the optics?’ or ‘the optics aren’t good’. It’s evolving even as we speak. I recently saw a tweet referring to the Saudi takeover of Newcastle which read ‘why isn’t everyone screaming “optics”?!’ Probably because they have no idea what you mean.

This term must have come out of the marketing industry. It sounds like the sort of thing coke-snorting BS merchants would come up with as a way of pretending they’re cool. It’s essentially jargon. The word you’re looking for isn’t optics it is ‘look’. ‘Will no-one think how that looks?’ That works perfectly, why change it to something more obtuse?


3) ‘…needs minutes’
As in “he needs minutes” to describe the unfit or under-used player. Like a lot of passing fashionable expressions, it attempts to aggrandise something simple, in this case the word ‘play’. When a player is said to be needing and wanting minutes, it makes time sound like something a player can collect and store. Like filling up one of those massive jars you used to see on bar counters with pickled eggs. But obviously minutes is a given when talking about time because, clearly, everything occupies minutes. A player cannot come back from injury outside of the space-time continuum. So it isn’t necessary to state a player ‘needs minutes’ to get back to full fitness, he just needs to get fit and, yes, minutes, hours, days and months will be required for that to happen, unless the player is a traveller in both time and space.


4) ‘Football matches’
As in “they just need to win football matches”. This is interchangeable with “he just needs to win games of football”. When talking about football, it is pointless to remind us you are talking about football and not anything else. The struggling football club manager never needs to win games of cricket, so we don’t need this stating time and time again, Jeff.

5) ‘For me…’
As in “for me, he doesn’t run enough, Jeff” or similarly, “it’s just my opinion…” As football media grows exponentially, this has become an almost unthinking default for pundits. When you are giving your opinion about anything, you don’t need to remind us it is your opinion because it is clearly coming out of your mouth. And we know that your opinion is exactly that, yours, and we know other views exist too. So you only need to define whose opinion it is, if it is not your own.
6) ‘No disrespect to…’
“Do they want to be playing Grimsby every week…no disrespect to Grimsby.”

This one has been around for a while but it has now leaked into every corner of the game from pundit to presenter, manager and players, as all concerned get scared by potential Twitter storms caused by seeming superior, snobbish or dismissive. Obviously, this is usually exactly what they are being, so why not have the courage of your convictions and don’t try and insert a get-out clause. The worse instances have a pundit inserting the transparent ‘no disrespect’  into every other sentence when talking about a player moving from a lower-league club to a big club. It’s not necessary, most of us are not hysterical one-eyed tribal monsters who are going to give you a hard time; and those that are should be ignored.


7) ‘Wag’
Leaving aside the innate misogyny-flavoured sexism of branding actual female humans with this horrible term, stripping them of their humanity by defining them only as an accessory to a man, it was originally an acronym coined around the time of the 2006 World Cup to describe players’ Wives And Girlfriends.

However, in recent times the tabloid press have evolved the term to describe any individual woman who is in a relationship with a male footballer. They may be their wife or their girlfriend, but clearly they can’t be both but hey, if you’re deemed good-looking and you’re hooked up to a footballer you are now A Wag.

But the perving doesn’t stop there; Wag is usually spelled with a capital W as though it is a brand like Heinz or Budweiser and not an actual person, or an actual acronym. Any way you look at it, it is simply horrible and needs outlawing.


John Nicholson

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Bayern Munich are now seven points clear of Borussia Dortmund after a Joshua Kimmich strike.

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The Women’s Super League and Championship seasons have been ended with immediate effect.

A statement on the Football Association’s official website confirmed the decision had been taken following “overwhelming feedback” from clubs.

Recommendations for sporting outcomes – such as who should represent England in the Women’s Champions League next season – will be sent to the FA board.

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The statement read: “Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the FA Women’s Super League and Women’s Championship Board has been in regular consultation with clubs and key stakeholders from across both leagues to identify the most suitable and appropriate way to conclude the 2019-20 season, and to give clubs and players the clarity and support they need at this time.

“Following overwhelming feedback from the clubs, the decision to bring an end to the 2019-20 season was made in the best interest of the women’s game.

“This will also enable clubs, the FA Women’s Super League & Women’s Championship Board and the FA to plan, prepare and focus on next season when football returns for the 2020-21 campaign.

“Supporting the welfare of the clubs and players will continue to be our primary concern throughout this process, which also involved a robust and thorough examination of the logistical, operational and financial challenges that the game currently faces.”

Manchester United were fourth in the table before the season was halted, with head coach Casey Stoney backing the decision.

“It’s obviously disappointing not to be able complete the season, but it is the right decision for the safety of everyone involved,” she said, having guided United through their first campaign in the top flight.

“Our focus now moves to our development for next season, which we have been continuously planning for throughout the year, and we can’t wait to be back on the pitch again when it is safe to do so.

“I’m so proud of how hard my players and staff have worked throughout the season and how they have adapted to the last 10 weeks of training away from the club, their determination and drive has been incredible to witness.

“We’ve enjoyed our first season in this league, exceeding expectations whilst staying true to our values, but we still have big ambitions for how we want to move forward as a club.”


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FC Koln scored two goals in the last two minutes to deny relegation-threatened Fortuna Dusseldorf their first win in four matches.


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While Virgil van Dijk often takes the limelight, Joe Gomez has also been responsible for Liverpool’s defensive prowess over the last two seasons.

Joel Matip and Dejan Lovren have partnered Van Dijk with mixed success, but Jurgen Klopp’s side look a lot stronger with Gomez in the team.

We’ve taken a closer look at Liverpool’s Premier League record with and without the England international starting at centre-back since the start of the 2018-19 season.

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Despite having a short career at the top level, Manchester United legend George Best is regarded as one of the most naturally gifted footballers of all time.

The winger won two league titles and the European Cup at Old Trafford before leaving United at the age of 27.

Here are a selection of the best quotes about United’s former number seven.

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Relegation across all three divisions of the EFL is “integral” to the integrity of the competition, the league’s board has said.

The board’s position appears to deal a blow to League Two’s plans to curtail the 2019-20 season without a team being relegated to the National League, although the framework the board has laid out is still to be voted on by all clubs.

A club should be relegated to the National League, the EFL board states, “provided we have assurances that the National League will start season 2020-21 (i.e. the relegated club in League Two has somewhere to play)”.

The framework sets out that “the principle of relegation across all three divisions is integral to the integrity of the pyramid, from the Premier League down to the National League”.

As well as setting out the principle on relegation, the EFL board says the play-offs should be played in the event of curtailment but should not be extended beyond the regular four teams.

It also says that the decision to curtail in each division should require a 51 per cent majority among the clubs concerned, with League One sides in open disagreement about whether to stop or play on.

EFL chairman Rick Parry said: “In the event that a divisional decision is made to curtail the 2019-20 season, the EFL board is recommending that the league adopts the original framework with the amendments as identified, as there is a strong desire to remain as faithful as possible to the regulations and ensure there is consistency in the approach adopted across the EFL in all divisions.

“The board has always acknowledged that a single solution to satisfy all clubs would always be hard to find, but we are at the point now where strong, definitive action is needed for the good of the league and its members.”

League Two clubs indicated last week they were moving towards curtailing the season due to the costs attached to playing behind closed doors and adhering to safety protocols around testing.

Forest Green chairman Dale Vince, who was against the decision to curtail the League Two campaign, said last week it was “all kinds of wrong” to block relegation.

Stevenage currently occupy bottom spot in League Two, but their chairman Phil Wallace said last weekend his club are prepared to play on.

He told BBC Sport: “We have 10 games to play and are three points behind, with a game in hand. Why should I think it was not possible to get out of it?

“The League Two clubs cannot decide this. We can only tell the EFL of their indicative position but that is the collective view.”

Blocking relegation would still have allowed for Barrow to be promoted, because of Bury’s demise last summer.

Gillingham boss Steve Evans, whose side are eight points off the League One play-off places, expects their competition to now resume.

“At long last we have clarity in what we are doing,” he told his club’s website.

“The return to football action allows the League One promotions and relegations to be decided on the pitch, and by playing football you earn what you get.

“I trust all clubs in League One will vote to get playing football in the next few weeks. There is also a clear path in the event that the virus stops the football, so there are no more excuses.”


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Jurgen Klopp says he was like a kid on their “first day at school” when Liverpool returned to non-contact training on Wednesday.

Top-flight teams voted unanimously to step up their return to action at Monday’s shareholders meeting, allowing players to train in a limited capacity as part of phase one of ‘Project Restart’.

And Klopp was delighted to be back at work again in his Liverpool uniform.

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“I woke up even earlier than usual and then I realised it was my first day,” Klopp told Liverpool’s website.

“It felt like the first day at school – for me, it was 46 years ago, but it must have been similar.

“I dressed myself in my uniform again – and for the right reason, for going to training.”

Klopp added: “We don’t know exactly how long we have, but we have some time to prepare the rest of this season and already the next season because I don’t think there will be a massive break between the two.

“It’s a pre-season for us. We don’t know how long and we will not have test games or friendlies.

“Maybe we can organise it between us when we are allowed to, but it will not be the same like in other pre-seasons.”


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Players from ethnic minority backgrounds have expressed their concerns about returning to action amid the coronavirus pandemic to the Professional Footballers’ Association.

Data from the Office of National Statistics suggests black men and women are almost twice as likely to die from Covid-19 compared to non-whites, even when factors such as health, disability, household composition and area deprivation are taken into account.

Michael Bennett, the director of player welfare at the PFA, says he has been called by players who are concerned about the risks. The PFA has called on the Premier League to conduct further research into the issue.

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“I have spoken to players particularly from a BAME group because of concerns over contracting the virus,” he told the PA news agency.

“I’m not sure how significant (the risk) is in that particular area, all we can do is talk to them about that.

“There have been players that have come on to me with concerns about going back because of health issues, and I want to put on record that from a PFA welfare point of view the health and safety of players has to come first before anything else.”

The Premier League’s medical adviser Mark Gillett says every possible measure is being made to mitigate the risk to players of all ethnicities. Clubs are set to return to small group training on Tuesday in the first step in the competition’s Project Restart plans.

“It’s a fair thing to acknowledge that there is an increased risk in BAME groups,” he said.

“In mitigation of that the risk in young fit athletes is still very, very small and I think that is an important factor. I come back again to the fact that we’re trying to create the safest possible working environment we can for these people.

“I’m happy we’ve mitigated all the risks that we can understand at this point and then when more information becomes available obviously we will do everything we can to mitigate against that as well. We will certainly move with it in real time as more information becomes available.”

Watford forward Troy Deeney has said he is not going back to training.

Speaking to Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew on their Talk the Talk YouTube show, Deeney said he raised concerns when the protocols were presented to players last week.

“Within the meeting I asked very simple questions,” he said.

“For black, Asian and mixed ethnicities they are four times more likely to get the illness and twice as likely to have long-lasting illness: Is there any additional screening? Heart stuff to see if anyone has a problem?

“I feel that should be addressed. I can’t get a haircut until mid-July but I can go and get in a box with 19 people and jump for a header? I don’t know how that works. No one could answer the questions – not because they didn’t want to, because they didn’t have the information.

“I just said ‘If you don’t know the information, why would I put myself at risk?’.”


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Jesse Lingard is ready to put his “lows” at Man Utd behind him and help his boyhood club to win more trophies.

Lingard, who has been at Old Trafford since the age of six, has 12 months remaining on his £110,000-a-week deal and, although Man Utd have the option of extending that by a year, they may feel it’s the right time to cash in.

Having been a key man for club and country, Lingard has managed just two goals in 35 appearances for United this season – one in the FA Cup and one in the Europa League – and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might want more bang for his buck.

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Reports have linked him with a summer move for Arsenal but there is a belief that Lingard wants to stay and prove himself at Old Trafford.

Something that seems to be confirmed by Lingard’s latest comments to Manchester United’s official website.

Lingard said: “The main thing is to concentrate on the game, to get the win. That’s the most important thing. I just think of all the lows that I’ve had, I’m here now, coming onto the pitch and doing what I love doing best.

“I love playing football and I’m at Man United, so you try and be positive in that aspect and your family are there watching. You’ve just got to go out there and enjoy it, take the positives.”

Lingard added: “I think when I was coming through, the history of the club stuck out a lot to me.

“The amount of trophies that had been won over the years was so inspiring. As a young lad coming through at that time, you can see the success, you know it’s there and you can’t wait to work hard to get into their shoes and be winning trophies as well.

“We go through different stages of life where things change, managers come in and life transitions but as a club we have that backing behind us. We do have that never-say-die attitude. We have that hunger to win.”


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