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3-Aug-2019Borussia DortmundBayern MunichSignal Iduna ParkDFL Super Cup
4-Aug-2019Manchester CityLiverpoolWembleyCommunity Shield
4-Aug-2019SL BenficaSporting LisbonEstadio AlgarvePortuguese super cup
4-Aug-2019TottenhamInter MilanTottenham StadiumFriendly
10-Aug-2019West HamManchester CityLondon OlympicEPL
11-Aug-2019Manchester UnitedChelseaOld traffordEPL
14-Aug-2019LiverpoolChelseaVodafone Arena, IstanbulUEFA Super Cup
14-Sep-2019TottenhamCrystal PalaceTottenham StadiumEPL
21-Sep-2019ChelseaLiverpoolStamford BridgeEPL
28-Sep-2019Manchester UnitedArsenalOld traffordEPL
7-Dec-2019West HamArsenalLondon OlympicEPL
21-Dec-2019TottenhamChelseaTottenham StadiumEPL
4-Aug-2019FC BarcelonaArsenalCamp NouJoan Gamper Cup

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Lyon are looking to hold on to their first leg lead against Juventus in the Champions League Last 16. Follow it live here.


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This is only for confirmed kits; we’ve still just about got enough dignity not to debase ourselves chatting about leaked or, worse, concept kits. We’re adults, for goodness sake. Please do remember that this sort of thing is inevitably a game of opinions, but also keep in your mind that the below opinions are the correct ones. Damn Liverpool



Had easily the best home shirt of the 2019/20 season, which as we all know is the real quiz. The 20/21 model, like the team itself, comes frustratingly close to being good but isn’t quite. The pattern: good. The adidas stripes down the flank: good. The chunky trimmed cuffs: good. The collar: the collar is bad. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with a round neck on a football shirt, it’s just that it’s always going to be worse than a v-neck so why bother? And this one also just looks like an afterthought. They put all the time into some really excellent flourishes and extravagant details but forgot all about something utterly integral that ultimately causes the whole thing to fall just short. Arsenal, that.


Aston Villa

Lovely pinstripes. Proper contrast shoulders that go all the way to collar. Nice rounded v-neck. Very, very decent and – most importantly – a clear winner of the claret-and-blue-off against West Ham.


More pinstripes, which is always to be encouraged. There’s a ’90s retro vibe here, which is generally good, but this one manages to land at the low-rent end. It’s a Ribero, Auto Windscreens Shield kind of flavour.


To their huge credit, Chelsea have been very consistent about just having nice blue kits for pretty much the whole of the last 20 years (compare and contrast with Spurs). Until the last two; then they went for the weird stain-concealing provincial bus-seat upholstery aesthetic that Manchester United have saddled themselves with this year and then went for a pattern that didn’t quite work. It’s a return to form for the Blues this year with a lovely clean kit. Even the round collar that fails so miserably on Arsenal’s kit works here in the darker palette.

Only downsides here are the already established fate-tempting banter potential of that sponsor, and the inevitable insistence on pretending that the kit is inspired and influenced by some bumwhiff or other. In this case, “the traditional craft of London tailoring”.


Sure, Liverpool won the title in absurdly dominant fashion while Everton had another year of instantly forgettable mid-table bleurgh. However, Everton have also signed a kit deal with hummel so who really had the better year? Still Liverpool tbh, but it’s definitely much closer than it was.

Just a lovely kit from the best in the game. The understated bit of business on the round collar effortlessly elevates it above the drab, lazy Arsenal effort. If we’re being hyper-critical, is it just a tiny, teensy bit too Rangers?


More of those very wide adidas cuffs on the sleeves here. We’re big fans and these might be the league’s best thanks to that gold band around the middle. Are we happy with that collar, though? No, we are not.


Really, really annoying. Having the best team in the league and the best shirt is very bad form. A lovely clean kit and not saddled with Nike’s current fondness for bland round collars. Lovely V. And the green is a cracking nod to the iconic adidas Liverpool kits of the mid-90s.

This kit, much like the team that will wear it, really cannot be faulted. Retro feel yet also undeniably modern and a flawless colour palette. It’s just not fair.


Manchester City
City are the absolute masters of kits “inspired by” and “influenced by” stuff in Manchester, a transparent attempt even now as a fully paid-up member of football’s uber-rich elite to position themselves as Manchester’s club in opposition to the global behemoth of United. This year, City have taken the bold and undeniably risky step of basing their kit on the tabloid back-page cracked badge that must by law accompany any story about a CRISIS CLUB. If City have a flawless season, then all will be well. But if anything goes wrong…

All that being said, and while acknowledging that the bold design is inevitably going to be an opinion-divider, our verdict is: quite nice, actually.


Manchester United
At some point in the last few years at the big kit company big annual gathering someone said, “What if football kits looked like bus seat upholstery?” and instead of being punched hard in the face, that person was promoted.

This shirt is objectively bad and if you like it you are wrong. It should be inserted up Sir Alex Ferguson’s backside until it dissolves.


It’s all about the width of the stripes with a Newcastle kit. If you are correctly a fan of narrower stripes, then this year’s Puma offering is very solid indeed. Have taken the narrowness concept too far with the collar, mind, which is slender to the point of non-existence.

Decent kit, but as with all Newcastle kits these days, simply no getting away from the thought of how much better it would be with the Newcastle Brown star in the middle instead of shouting FUN88 at us.


Kits with a sash >>>>> Kits without a sash. God that’s good. What a shirt. Well done everyone. It’s like a mirror image negative of a Peru shirt, which again to me is a bonus. Better still there’s a third kit that is a negative of this shirt and therefore is a regular mirror image Peru shirt. Which again to me is a bonus.


Tottenham are the most interesting kit case study in the Premier League. For some reason, all the kit manufacturers who have absolutely no qualms about charging £65 for a very slightly different red shirt or blue shirt or striped shirt each season somehow baulk at doing so with a white one. There is something about the “all that money for a white T-shirt” line of attack that seems to stick. As such, Tottenham kits tend to veer from “basically pretty much plain white and quite nice” to “loads of navy chucked at random areas of the shirt with wildly erratic results”. It’s not quite a year-to-year cycle but it’s not far off.

The riskier ones have, perhaps inevitably, produced both the best and worst of recent years. The 2015/16 sash was great, as were the blue-shouldered offerings served up by both Puma (think Gareth Bale eviscerating Maicon) and Under Armour (Harry Kane scoring hat-tricks every week). Then there are the disasters. The year Puma lost their damn minds and decided to put all yellow piss streaks down the shirt (Wigan 9-1) for instance.

This is Nike’s second attempt at a jazzy Spurs kit, and we think it’s a second swing and a miss but aren’t entirely sure. It’s had terrible feedback but is definitely better than the awful dark blue gradients at the bottom of the shirt that did every bit as much to ruin the Champions League final as the second-minute penalty, and there are some good elements here. The weaved pattern and the collar and great. The navy blue shoulders are not. There’s enough good stuff here to make us think this kit might be a grower once you get used to it looking like all the players are wearing backpacks, but there’s no escaping the fact that if the desire to do something different could have been ignored and the shoulders left alone then this would be a much better kit.

Additionally, while it is technically outside the scope of this study, we must comment on the fact that #RaiseYourDare is a bollocks hashtag.


West Brom
Having got it so right with Newcastle, Puma stitch West Brom right up. Admitting that you’ve made it look like a barcode doesn’t get you off the hook for designing a kit that looks like a barcode.

This kit gets some points back for being sponsored by Ideal Boilers, a lovely throwback to simpler times in a world of shirts emblazoned with far-east betting companies and faceless financial institutions. But it is still a barcode, and you can’t get much more capitalist than that.


West Ham
Actually a very good round collar as round collars go. Shoulders are weird, though, and it’s definitely a significant backward step from the excellent blue-topped 2019/20 effort.



There’s a bit of Holland 88 going on here. On the one hand, any kind of nod to the second greatest kit of all time is a risk. On the other, if you’re going to nod towards an old kit it might as well be a great one. Wide cuffs on the adidas shirts are going to be a key feature of the season, and we’re pretty happy about that.

Dave Tickner


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Manchester United have been the most successful team in England in the modern era – and they’ve had some pretty impressive kits in that time as well.

We’ve ranked each and every home shirt Manchester United have worn in the Premier League to date.

Note: We based our ranking on a vote we took in 2017, so if you’re unhappy with the order, you’ve only got yourself – or at least your 2017 self – to blame. If you do want to slag us off, tweet @planetfutebol.

Read the full article here.

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Liverpool have signed a relegated Premier League player in each of the last five seasons, and Ismaila Sarr could be the latest to be snapped up by the Reds, according to reports.

The Watford star – who features in our relegated XI – has drawn the attention of Liverpool, as well as Wolves and Crystal Palace, reports the Harrow Times.

Sarr provided six assists and scored five goals – including a brace in Watford’s 3-0 win over Liverpool – in his debut Premier League season after his £27million move from Rennes.

FEATURE: Top ten players of the 2019/20 Championship season

The report claims that a move from Wolves or Palace would only materialise should their respective talents Adama Traore and Wilfried Zaha move elsewhere in the summer.

A return to France has also been mooted, and clubs in Spain and Germany are also understood to be monitoring the 22-year-old’s situation. It seems unlikely a man of his talent will remain at Watford in the Championship.


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Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho is edging closer to a move to Man Utd with negotiations entering an ‘advanced’ stage, according to reports.

A report in German publication Bild yesterday evening claimed that negotiations between the two clubs were ‘picking up speed’ while Dortmund expected that Man Utd would pay their €120m demands.

And now The Guardian claim that Man Utd ‘are in advanced negotiations’ with the Bundesliga side over a deal worth ‘an initial €100m (£90m)’ which would set a transfer record for an English player.

MAILBOX: De Gea situation at Man Utd should ‘act as a warning’ to Arsenal…

Their talks over a move for Sancho have ‘intensified in recent weeks’ and there would be ‘a further €20m potentially due in performance-related add-ons’.

The report adds that Dortmund ‘are keen to resolve his future as soon as possible to enable them to purchase a replacement’ while Sancho is ‘believed to be open to the move’.

Meanwhile, German football expert Raphael Honigstein recently explained the “murky” situation to Sky Sports Transfer Talk podcast: “How much is the value of him staying with us?”

“If we have to sell him for less next year, is that still a deal that is good for us because we have a better chance of winning the Bundesliga and going far in the Champions League next season with Sancho.

“That’s why they’ve been so adamant for the £110m valuation being met and being met earlier because they don’t want to get into a situation where they can’t bring anyone in, and they don’t want this to be a recurring theme until mid-October when the window could potentially still be open.

“Manchester United are still saying they are just in talks. It’s a bit murky where both sides will try to get the best possible deal. There’s a lot of poker and double-bluffing going on but it’s now down to United to say ‘here’s the money’.

“The line in the sand that Dortmund have made both in terms of the valuation and the deadline means it will be hard for them to back down from this stance. United are going to have to go very far to meet those demands.”


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Jermaine Jenas has urged Harry Kane to consider leaving Tottenham in search of silverware.

Kane has been linked with a move away from Spurs, with Manchester United among those interested.

And Jenas has likened Kane’s situation to that of Bale, who left Spurs for Real Madrid in 2013 for £85million.

Gossip: Chelsea ‘step up’ interest in £50m star; Man Utd ‘talks’

Bale has gone on to win multiple Champions League and La Liga titles, while Tottenham have failed to land a trophy.

“I do feel like it is a similar situation (to Gareth Bale). I love Harry, he’s one of the best strikers in Europe but I also look at his career,” Jenas said.

“I speak to Alan Shearer a lot about the decisions he made in his career and he stands by them and has no regrets, he loves the fact that he played for his boyhood team and what he did for Newcastle and there’s a lot to be respected for that and Harry has a lot of that in him also.

“But there’s a lot of me that’s kind of looking around and going, look at what Kyle Walker has done since leaving – he’s gone and won two Premier League titles and could get to a Champions League final this year, he’s achieving things in his career and Harry is only picking up more and more injuries every year.

“I personally would encourage Harry to start having a little knock and considering another move simply from a selfish point of view as a player.

“Hopefully he doesn’t, I really hope he is more of a mindset of what Alan Shearer which was “I love this club, I love being here and I want to be here for the rest of my career”. But it’s hard for me to think without my footballer’s head on in terms of what I think would be best for him.

“I only say that because I feel like Tottenham is going in the wrong direction in comparison to where Harry Kane is going and if the ambition is not met between both club and player, I think it’s well within the player’s right to go a different way.”


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Christian Pulisic will be better than Eden Hazard if he stays at Chelsea for more than five years, claims Tony Cascarino.

Pulisic has enjoyed a positive debut season with Chelsea, scoring nine goals and adding four assists from 25 Premier League appearances.

The American has already earned comparisons to Hazard, the man he effectively replaced, for his decisive impact from the wing.

Hazard left Chelsea for Real Madrid in a big money move last summer. By the time his seven-year stay at Stamford Bridge came to an end, the Belgian had scored more than 100 goals for the Blues.

Hazard won the Premier League twice with Chelsea, as well as the FA Cup and League Cup once each. He finished his Blues career with Europa League glory for the second time, meaning he won six trophies in total at Stamford Bridge.

Despite Hazard’s reputation as a modern day great for Chelsea, though, Cascarino thinks Pulisic – who scored the same number of league goals in his first season as his predecessor did – could have the edge over him.

“I’ve watched him develop and become a player,” Cascarino told talkSPORT.

“I looked at Hazard’s stats – first season, nine Premier League goals in his very first season, the 2012-13 season for Chelsea.

“I keep thinking: ‘Was Hazard as good as Pulisic has been?’ Pulisic has been out of the team at times through injury, he was brilliant in the Super Cup against Liverpool, but I think he has progressed into a player.

“He has got nine Premier League goals as well this season. I think Pulisic is going to be one hell of a player.

“He has got one advantage over Hazard, because Hazard was at Chelsea for a long time and over those years there were a few dips and sometimes he looked out of shape. Pulisic is a total pro, everything about him is professional.

“His pathway has been planned, from his parents down to him. The clubs, to get him to the Holy Grail of the Premier League, it’s all been programmed in a bit like an android, robot sort of form.

“Boy is he dangerous. If he stays in England for five, six, seven years for Chelsea, I think he’ll prove to be better than Hazard, and that’s a big call.”


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Frank Lampard has backed fit-again Willian to produce another “fantastic” Chelsea performance in Saturday’s FA Cup final against Arsenal, even though his Stamford Bridge future remains unresolved.

Brazil winger Willian has shaken off an ankle complaint to be fit for Saturday’s cup showpiece contest at Wembley against the Gunners.

The 31-year-old signed a short-term contract extension to cover a season elongated by the coronavirus shutdown, but that expires after Chelsea’s Champions League exploits.

FEATURE: Five players Chelsea must build around

Arsenal are understood to be one of the clubs monitoring Willian’s situation, while Chelsea have previously offered the long-serving Stamford Bridge star new two-year contract terms.

Willian had been holding out for a three-year deal and could yet leave the Blues – but Lampard is convinced that the 70-cap Brazil star will be focused solely on steering Chelsea to FA Cup glory on Saturday.

Asked if he is sure that Willian will give everything to the Chelsea cause this weekend, Lampard said: “Yes, because I’ve known Willian for many years now as a player and now as his coach.

“And if anyone wants to see the mentality of him, it’s been shown since restart.

“He’s been fantastic for us, he’s been fantastic this season. He’s shown the right attitude.

“So I would expect nothing less than he’s shown already, and that’s Willian for you.”

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France midfielder N’Golo Kante is also fit after hamstring trouble, in another boost to Blues boss Lampard’s resources ahead of facing Mikel Arteta’s Gunners.

Kante has missed six matches after picking up his latest hamstring injury in the 3-0 win over Watford on July 4, but his return will bolster the Blues’ midfield ranks.

The luckless Ruben Loftus-Cheek will miss out however, having picked up an unspecified minor injury in training on Thursday.

Lampard’s main selection conundrum could revolve around whether to keep faith with veteran Willy Caballero in goal, or recall the out-of-sorts Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Kepa joined Chelsea in a goalkeeper-record £71million deal in 2018, but a string of erratic performances could see the Blues aim to loan him out this summer ahead of an eventual permanent move.

Caballero has been Lampard’s cup goalkeeper but also replaced Kepa for the crucial 2-0 victory over Wolves last weekend that sealed Chelsea’s fourth-place Premier League finish and Champions League qualification for next term.

“N’Golo Kante and Willian are in the squad, so we’ll see if they are fit to be in the starting XI,” said Lampard.


“Ruben Loftus-Cheek has a small problem he picked up yesterday, so he’s out of the game.

“Selection will be difficult, because we have competition in the squad. And as you’ve seen through the season at times I’ve had to change it, I’ve felt the need to change it.

“And I always do it with the idea that can we win a game, can we be as strong as we can be, with considerations of what opposition are in front of us?

“And in big games like this it becomes slightly more difficult because I know how much players want to be involved in these games.

“But we have to be a strong squad, we have to be together on it, whatever the XI and people on the bench.

“Because in the last period for us, people on the bench have made a huge differences in certain games.

“We have to feel like we’re all together, and if we win it, it means a collective thing for us.

“So (it’s) difficult for me, it will be difficult for players to take, but then we go in positive and try to win as a group.”


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Jamie Carragher is unsure how Man City boss Pep Guardiola will get Nathan Ake in his starting line-up next season after having a bid accepted for the centre-back.

Reports emerged on Thursday that Bournemouth had accepted a £41m bid for the Dutchman from City after the club were relegated from the Premier League over the weekend.

The likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester City have all been linked with Ake, while Man Utd boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer fueled rumours that he could be heading to Old Trafford at the beginning of July.

MAILBOX: Man Utd will get 88 points next season, Jesus to be top scorer…

But it now looks like Ake will be on his way to Man City and Carragher thinks he will “suit” the Citizens but is unsure who he will replace in the starting line-up.

“I like Nathan Ake and I think he will suit Man City,” Carragher wrote on Twitter. “But with Laporte a guaranteed starter I’m not convinced two left-footed centre-backs works?

“I know right-footed players play together but it never feels right the other way round to me! Left back or a back three?”

When put to him that they would need cover for Laporte on the left-hand side, Carragher added: “Is Laporte injury prone or he just had a bad injury? There is a difference.

“If Laporte is fit he plays! I just think it’s interesting to see how Pep gets Ake into the team when Laporte is fit!”


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Sokratis Papastathopoulos will stay at Arsenal even though transfer rumours suggest otherwise, says his agent Konstantinos Farras.

The defender has been a bit-part player under Mikel Arteta this season and has struggled for game time. The Spaniard has preferred the centre-back pairing of David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi for most of the campaign.

Speaking to reporter Freddie Paxton, Farras said: “He will stay. I don’t see a reason to leave. I don’t know why everyone is writing wrong and fake news.”

FEATURE: Five players Manchester United must build around

However, Arsenal could still be willing to sell the 32-year-old before his contract expires next summer. They’re unlikely to want the player to leave for free or to join a rival club.

Back in March, Sokratis hinted at an Arsenal exit by saying he would not ‘sit on his contract’.

The Greece international could be sold this summer if he’s seen as surplus to requirements by Arteta.

The Gunners have French youngster William Saliba and recent signing Pablo Mari available next season. They will both contest for a first-team place and could push Sokratis down the pecking order at the Emirates if they perform well.

Saliba in particular looks like one to watch. The St Etienne academy graduate has been likened to World Cup winner Raphael Varane in the past and could have a breakthrough Premier League season in 2020/21.

He’s been given the famous number four shirt which was previously worn by legendary captain Patrick Viera.

And he spent last season on loan at former club St Etienne, under previous Southampton and Leicester manager Claude Puel.

Sokratis may be sold to free up funds for Arsenal’s ambitious transfer plans this summer. The North London outfit are currently linked with Barcelona playmaker Philippe Coutinho, as well as a permanent move for midfielder Dani Ceballos.

If Sokratis remains at the Emirates for another season, Arsenal could have some serious competition at centre-back which may finally solve their defensives woes.


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