Gary Neville has offered rooms at the two hotels he part-owns with Ryan Giggs to NHS workers free of charge.

Following the lead of Chelsea, who have made their Millennium Hotel at Stamford Bridge open for free to NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic, Neville has made 176 beds available in Manchester.

Hotel Football, located near Old Trafford, and the city centre’s Stock Exchange Hotel announced the scheme in an effort to help overworked medical personnel.

“Over the last week we have been in consultation with the health services in the Greater Manchester area, in particular the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust,” said Neville.

“Our 176 beds will be occupied by National Health Service workers and medical professionals from Friday onwards.

“It’s at this time that I think the whole of our industry needs to show solidarity, not just for our staff in these uncertain times but obviously for those who need the accommodation most in the coming months.

“It’s something we’re delighted to have come into agreement with. It will operate free of charge and our staff will operate the hotels as normal.

“We have taken this decision as we believe in being proactive and decisive.

“We feel that we have a responsibility to protect our team members and as shareholders we have put together the resources to put us in the best position to do this.

“Our company’s success is all down to our team and we feel it is critical that we look after everyone in these challenging times.

“We have been putting plans together for the past four weeks and have triggered various actions as things have developed.

“A key consideration in our plans was to try and support the wider community and more specifically our local NHS hospitals.

“By offering both our hotels without cost to the health service we hope that this gives some support to the healthcare professionals in a time when they need it.”


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